Colour Doppler Across The LVOT

Mitral Inflow Colour Pattern

Regurgitant Flow On Transesophageal Echo TEE: L-R Shunt, ASD


The physics, basic principles of use of Ultrasound, the normal reference values, echo references plus much more..


This video gallery section consists of the sunbytes lectures from Dr Adam Perora using Sonosite Machines


A reference collection of the links to the various educational websites that you might like to acquaint yourself with.


The ultimate tool to assist your reporting by telling you in plain english where your differing measurement ranges fall.

Hi Everyone

I welcome you to CardioCalc

My name is Joseph Folorunsho. By way of introduction, I am an intensive care registrar in St George Hospital, in Sydney. For the past 2 years I have been learning echocardiography and I have decided to share my knowledge on this Platform.

I have my first degree in medicine in 2006 in Nigeria from the University of Ilorin and I am currently undergoing training to become an ICU specialist. I have obtained four postgraduate qualifications in Critical Care Echocardiography and these include a Certificate in Critical Care Echocardiogram from the university of Melbourne in 2018, Diploma In critical Care Echocardiography from the university of Melbourne in 2018, Certificate of Clinician Performed Ultrasound, CCPU from The Australasian society for Ultrasound in Medicine in 2018, Master in Critical Care Echocardiography from the university of Melbourne in 2019.

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